“Aries” by Carlo Matti added to Cinematic Composers Discoveries playlist on Spotify

Get ready to be transported to another world with our latest cinematic discovery! Introducing the captivating Aries by the incredibly talented Carlo Matti, exclusively on “Cinematic Composers Discoveries”.


Immerse yourself in a breathtaking collection of cinematic music, soundtracks, neo-classical and new age compositions from the industry’s top composers, including the legendary Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Thomas Newman, Alan Silvestri, and the visionary Max Richter. Plus, you’ll have the chance to discover rising stars in the world of cinematic composition!

Whether you’re looking to enhance your film, video game, or other creative project, or simply looking for some inspiration, “Cinematic Composers Discoveries” has got you covered. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience the best and newest in cinematic music. Listen now and let the magic take you away!

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