Edvard Grieg – Arietta op 12 n. 1 (Carlo Corazza on Piano)

Edvard Grieg – Arietta op 12 n. 1 (Carlo Corazza on Piano)

“Lyriske Stykker” is a beautiful EP featuring four of Edvard Grieg’s Lyric Pieces for solo piano.
These pieces are characterized by their expressive and lyrical qualities and are among Grieg’s most popular works. They are also notable for their use of Norwegian folk melodies and rhythms, which Grieg incorporated into his music to give it a distinctive national character. Carlo Corazza‘s performances of these pieces are masterful, showcasing his technical virtuosity and musical sensitivity.

The first track on the EP, “Arietta,” is a beautiful and introspective piece that opens with a gentle melody played over a simple accompaniment. The melody is then repeated with slight variations, creating a sense of development and forward momentum. The piece is characterized by its delicate and intimate atmosphere, and its evocative use of harmony and melody.

Label: Raighes Factory

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